Researchers from ALGEN Technology Centre (Slovenia), who are working on LIFE Algeaecan project, have visited CARTIF facilities in Boecillo (Valladolid), in order to put in common the main achieved advances with the project coordinators after the first year of work.

This Slovene centre, specialized in microalgae, is responsible for applying the innovative technology for heterotrophic algae cultivation. Heterotrophic microalgae require organic compounds for their nutrition and grow in the absence of light. They have a great potential to remove organic carbon and several types of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds from wastewater, since they use it as a source of carbon and energy without the need of sunlight.

The project works on the development and implementation of a demonstration plant which, through these heterotrophic algae cultivation, achieve a sustainable treatment model of fruit and vegetable processing industry wastewater. Then, they will be used to obtain a product of commercial interest as raw material for the production of biofertilisers, animal feed, etc.

Furthermore, researchers from CARTIF and AlGen made the most of the meeting to analyze the plant design, where the treatment will be carried out, and proved the spray dryer in CARTIF’s laboratory.

At the end, they visited de demonstration plant, located in HUERCASA, the Spanish company of vegetables products.

AlgEn visits CARTIF after the first year of work

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