Representatives of HUERCASA, a partner of the LIFE ALGAECAN project, participate in the Fruit Logistica 2018 fair, which this year took place in Berlin between 7 and 9 February.

The purpose of the participation is to present the main objectives and actions of the project in this meeting between professionals in the sector, as well as the results that are expected to be achieved.

The project aims to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of an innovative concept for the treatment of wastewater from the fruit and vegetable processing industry based on the cultivation of heterotrophic microalgae to replace, in the long term, traditional aerobic digestion as the method preferred for the treatment of these streams since, instead of sludge residues and nutrient losses, added value microalgae are produced. In addition, the LIFE ALGAECAN team aims to provide managers of the fruit and vegetable processing industry with a cost-effective process for on-site treatment of currents rich in organic matter, nutrients and salts.

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