LIFE ALGAECAN project has taken part in the second technical meeting ‘Circular Economy and Microalgae: bioproducst for chemical, energy and farming industry’, in CENER’s facilities in Sarriguren (Navarra, Spain).

The meeting was organised by CYCLALG project, an R&D&i initiative whose purpose is to develop and validate technological processes which improve the economic profitability and enviromental sustainability of the process to obtain biodiesel throughout microalgae cultivation. CYCLALG has introduced the heterotrophic culture of microalgae as a necessary strategy to increase the productivity of oil and improve process profitability.

LIFE ALGAECAN project was invited to take part as example of the correct use of microalgae for the treatment of wastewater from the fruit and vegetable processing industry. Increasingly, microalgae represent a new renewable resource for obtaining bio-products for the energy, chemical and agricultural industries. For this reason, Jesús Mª Martín Marroquín, CARTIF researchers and project coordinator, explained the purposes of the project, its objectives and the progress made so far.

Algaenergy and Neoalgae also participated in the seminar, two examples of Spanish companies that currently produce products derived from microalgae destined to diverse sectors, such as food, cosmetics, agriculture and energy.

LIFE ALGAECAN, invited as example of successful use of microalgae

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