As an example of cultivating microalgae for wastewater treatment, reserachers from LIFE ALGAECAN project have taken part in the Symposium on Microalgal Biotechnology in Agriculture, which took place from 25th to 26th September 2018 in Trebon (Czech Republic). This event focuses on the recycling of nutrients with algae and the use of algae in agriculture.

Partners of LIFE ALGAECAN took advantage to exchange experience and knowledge with experts on the cultivation of heterotrophic algae, and visited the laboratires of AlgaTech.

LIFE ALGAECAN, coordinated by CARTIF, works on an innovative concept for fruit and vegetables processing industry (FVPI) wastewater treatment based on heterotrophic microalgae culture to substitute, in the long term, the traditional aerobic digestion as preferred method for the treatment of these streams since instead of waste sludge and nutrients losses, added-value microalgae are produced.

Symposium on Microalgal Biotechnology in Agriculture, in Trebon (Czech Republic)

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