The micro SME AlgEn, member of the consortium of Algaecan and specialized in development and system integration of the algae-based systems, took part in the consortium meeting of Saltgae, a European project based on the demonstration of a techno-economic feasibility of using algae to treat saline wastewater from the food industry. The treatment of saline wastewater in presence of organic content represents a challenge for many industrial sectors.

The meeting took place in Ljubljana (Slovenia) from 19 to 21 March 2018, and it gathered together 14 companies and more than 40 experts from eight different countries.

The Algaecan project shares with this project the base of its development, the use of algae. Algaecan works on the development and implementation of a demonstration plant for sustainable treatment model of fruit and vegetable processing industry wastewater based on heterotrophic microalgae. Heterotrophic microalgae require organic compounds for their nutrition and grow in the absence of light. They have great potential to remove organic carbon and several types of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds from wastewater, since they use it as a source of carbon and energy without the need of sunlight (as in the case of autotrophs). Then, they will be used to obtain a product of commercial interest as raw material for the production of biofertilisers, animal feed, etc.

ALGAECAN, in the consortium meeting of Saltgae

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